The following guidelines will be our agreement at the time that the deposit is received.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE: All food and beverages, with the exception of decorated cakes must be purchased through Casa Flores at Villa Tepeyac. Food or beverage is not permitted to leave the premises, with the exception of decorated cakes. If alcoholic beverages are brought on to the premises, or if any person under 21 years of age is found consuming alcoholic beverages, or if client's guests, contractees, or invitees are intoxicated on the premises, we reserve the right to discontinue alcoholic beverage services or terminate the function, at no expense to Casa Flores at Villa Tepeyac and no refund to the client. All alcoholic beverage services will stop 45 minutes prior to the end of contracted time.

DECORATED CAKES: Decorated cakes are the only outside food allowed into Casa Flores at Villa Tepeyac. A cake table with a white tablecloth is provided along with plates and forks at no additional charge, Casa Flores servers will pass out cake as well. It is however, client's responsibility to cut the cake. It is not Casa Flores at Villa Tepeyac to set-up cake and/or its fixtures or to keep cake refrigerated. Cakes may be delivered and set-up no earlier that three hours prior to scheduled function.

DECORATION: Casa Flores at Villa Tepeyac includes room set-up, which consists of table chairs along with white tablecloths, client's choice of napkin color, glassware and silverware. Client is responsible for all other decorations including center-pieces, floral arrangements and balloons. Candles are allowed for centerpieces but may not exceed one candle per table and candle flame must be enclosed by glass fixture. Affixing of anything to the walls, floors, ceilings or light fixtures is not permitted. In addition, for safety reasons rice, birdseed, confetti, wedding bubbles or other such materials are not to be used on the premises or on the parking areas. Any damage to or defacing of facility will be the responsibility of the client. Cost of repair of damages or cleaning will be billed at full cost to the client. All decorations must be in place no later than one hour prior to scheduled function. Initials:______________.

MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT: All music and/or entertainment are the client's responsibility. Casa Flores at Villa Tepeyac is not responsible for entertainer's equipment or set-up of equipment. Sound level of music must be at an appropriate level, acceptable to manager on site. All music and/or entertainment must stop 15 minutes prior to the end of contracted time.

DEPOSITS & GUARANTEES: An advance deposit will be required to reserve facilities for a function. Deposits may be made by check, cash or credit card. In the event of cancellation, deposits are non-refundable. A guaranteed number of guests are due ten days prior to function date. The client will be charged the guaranteed number regardless if fewer guests attend.

PAYMENTS & SERVICE CHARGES: Final payment is due ten days prior to the event, by cash, check, or cashier's check only. Credit cards are not accepted for final payment. If number of guests exceed guaranteed number, client must pay additional charges the day of function by cash or credit card.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Casa Flores at Villa Tepeyac is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged articles or merchandise. To assure your guests the highest standards or appearance and preparation for your event, the entrance to your banquet room will remain closed until the scheduled time as indicated on the contract. Initials:______________.