Since 1976 the Flores family have been serving their delicious Mexican dinners to the San Gabriel Valley. Their restaurants have lasted the test of time and they have proven that they are here to stay. Villa Tepeyac in South El Monte has been open since 1984 and that has been the heart and should for the Flores Family.

In 1992, the Flores family had a vision to expand their business to a new location. It was then that they decided to open Villa Tepeyac in the city of West Covina. Villa Tepeyac is continuing the South El Monte tradition of long years of excellent service, and excellent food.

As far as the origin of the name Villa Tepeyac, it derives from a famous hill in Mexico called the Tepeyac hill. It was through this hill that the family decided to name the restaurants.

For many years they have served their guests and plan to continue their tradition for generations to come.